May 21, 2013

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson talks about 'The Hunger Games' success, his new movie EPIC & Future Plans

In promotion of his new animated flick Epic, which will be opening in theaters this Friday, Josh Hutcherson sat down with to talk about his career, the success of The Hunger Games and his future plans.

On The Hunger Games’ success

“It’s been a great experience. Things are obviously different for me than they were a year ago, two years ago or five years ago. I’m still doing my thing, being myself. I’m just grateful for the attention, for all the people that come out and see the movies.” 
On signing on to Epic 
“He [director Chris Wedge] described this world he’d dreamed up, and I fell for it. It reminded me of being a kid and being in my own backyard, playing and using my imagination. It was a chance to relive that experience a little bit. That was a magical time for me, and made me nostalgic.”
On his future plans 
“I’ve never been a goal-oriented person. I’ve never said, ‘I want to do this many movies, or this sort of movie, or make it on this many magazine covers’ … Having some acting success in a series like ‘Hunger Games’ frees me to try my hand at some riskier projects — indie films, unusual roles, and hopefully a shot at directing, here and there. If I’m lucky. And believe me, I have been.”
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