July 23, 2013

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson talk about 'Catching Fire' Cast Beach Parties

In an interview with People Magazine at the San Diego Comic-Con, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson dish on the beach parties that they had with the rest of the cast off-set during the filming of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Hawaii.
"We had a few great parties in Hawaii," Hutcherson said on the red carpet at theCatching Fire event at Comic Con. "We were filming some stuff down there ... and I had a house there. It was right on the beach, and we got to have all the cast come over and we just had giant swimming pool, barbecue parties and that was a lot of fun. It was a hard shoot. We were shooting long days and it was very physical, so we definitely needed to let loose and have a good time and we did that for sure." 
Lawrence agreed and shared her favorite party memory of costar Woody Harrelson, who plays Katniss and Peeta's mentor Haymitch.

"Yeah, we had some good parties. They were so weird," Lawrence said. "Woody Harrelson in a cropped top was my favorite. He got really hot and wanted to borrow a shirt of mine because he wore a thermal and the only thing he could fit in was a baggy crop top. And the best part is nobody mentioned it! The whole party, like nobody said anything. They're just like, 'Yeah, Woody's in a crop top.' That was great."
You can watch more video interviews with the cast at Comic-Con HERE.

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