July 10, 2013

PHOTO: New image from 'Catching Fire' featuring Katniss, Caesar Flickerman & the other victors (UPDATED)

A new still from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is featured on the July 19th Comic Con preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring Katniss Everdeen in her (spoiler alert) wedding dress during the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. Also, it appears to us that the other victors are the ones who are in the background. What do you think, HungerGamers?

UPDATE: EW released a full, high quality version of the new still (07/12/2013).

(Click the photo to enlarge)

Cropped Version:

UPDATE: In the article beside the Still, actor Sam Claflin who plays the role of Finnick Odair is quoted briefly:
“I think fans are worried that I’m not going to be enough of a sex god. The pressure is on!”

We can't wait to see this Still in High Quality.


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