August 01, 2013

VIDEOS: Director Francis Lawrence reveals there's "Almost an hour of the Arena" in 'Catching Fire'

In a newly surfaced video interview with Germany's High5TV at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast and director Francis Lawrence reveal more interesting details about the much anticipated film sequel, Catching Fire.
  • Jena Malone talks about her Arena strategy
  • Jeffrey Wright talks about Beetee and how excited his kids are over him being cast in the movie
  • Jennifer Lawrence on what advice she would give Katniss on Peeta vs. Gale
  • Francis Lawrence reveals that shaky camera isn't his style and that there will be “almost an hour of the Arena”
  • Josh Hutcherson on what advice he'd give to Katniss & Peeta and filming the water scenes in the movie
  • Willow Shields talks about Prim's more screen time and her favorite character in the series
  • Lenny Kravitz on Capitol set designs


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