August 09, 2013

NEWS: Francis Lawrence on Catching Fire: "It’s still really Katniss’ diversions from her"

Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview issue, which hits newstands today, has a feature on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Apart from the new still of Katniss from the movie, there is also an article that has quotes from an interview with the Catching Fire cast and director Francis Lawrence in the new issue. Here are the highlights (via our friends at TheHob).

  • Francis Lawrence on taking on the role of director: ”Lionsgate knew I could handle the size of the movie, and we were all in agreement of what the movie should be … It’s still really Katniss’ story – there are no diversions from her. I wanted to be true to the book, and I didn’t want to reinvent it in any way. It just needed an adaptation.”
  • Francis Lawrence and Suzanne Collins spent three days working on a new outline for the movie last spring, before passing it off to Michael Arndt as screenwriter.
  • They cut down the first third of the book – this is where we lost Katniss’ encounter with Bonnie and Twill and the scene where she jumps from the fence and sprains her ankle (which we already knew were omitted from the movie)
  • Sam Claflin on practicing his knot-tying: ”I’d practiced and practiced for weeks just in my room. I must have looked like a crazy person in my hotel room trying a noose constantly. I remember I was on Skype with [wife] [Laura] and she said, ‘You do look nuts.’”
  • Jennifer Lawrence on Francis Lawrence: ”Francis is really passionate about the book … It didn’t seem like he was just excited to make a huge movie.”
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