September 25, 2013

OFFICIAL: Capitol Couture introduces District Three's Wiress

Check out this feature that Capitol Couture did on District Three Tribute/Victor, Wiress as part of Game Faces.
It’s clear that intensity thrums within this tribute. Her unadorned face and choppy, erratic hairstyle signal that she’s not worried about how she looks—on or off the playing field. Wiress, who joins the Quarter Quell with the equally deep Beetee, has a reputation for being a maverick. She rarely speaks and is known to avoid the gaze of her fellow tributes. 
Upon closer look, our judges can see that her prep team managed to do a little grooming. Wiress’ seemingly effortless look includes well placed concealer, a little mocha-hued eyeliner and even a barely detectable nude lipstick. 
Making Wiress recede into the background could be her team’s greatest ploy of all. While her competitors vie for the limelight, this tribute can sit back and inwardly analyze her own strategy leading up to the Hunger Games. From her expression and stance, we deduce that there is more than meets the eye here. Much more.

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