September 04, 2013

NEWS: 'Catching Fire' trailer garners more views than six most popular trailers combined!

The first trailer of The Hunger Games: Catching  Fire (debuted on the MTV Movie Awards), earned the Top spot as the most viewed trailer of the past week with 7.5 million views, which exceeds the next six spots on the Top 10 list at 7.2 million views. The second trailer also made the list at number nine. In addition, the combined views of both Catching Fire trailers nearly surpasses the rest of the list. That's how it's done Tributes! Here's an excerpt from the article on The Hollywood Reporter:

"Catching Fire's" two trailers recorded nearly as many views as the rest of the top 10.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer No. 1 scored 7.5 million views to take the top spot as the Internet's most viewed coming attraction during the last week of summer.

The second part of the dystopian YA trilogy racked up as many eyeballs as the next six spots on the top 10 list combined.

Add in the views for the movie's second trailer, which was the ninth-most-viewed trailer of the week, and Hunger Games trailers were viewed about 8.14 million times last week. The other eight movies had a total of 8.4 million views.

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