September 18, 2013

NEWS: New gif & still of Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee) from Capitol Couture

Today, Capitol Couture did a feature entitled Gamemakers in Action, introducing Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker of the 75th Hunger Games. Along with an article, a brand new still and gif of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee were also in the feature.
Meet Plutarch Heavensbee, architect of chaos
The Hunger Games, much like any competition, calls for frontrunners, dark horses and underdogs. The odds that are in one victor’s favor one hour could easily reverse in a matter of seconds. Why? Because the Gamemakers who design these complex battles of brute strength and street smarts are architects of chaos. Like M.C. Escher’s interlocking, mathematical optical illusions, the Games are never as they appear on the surface.

Since the Games were first conceived, twelve scholars from the Capitol have sat on the creative board, planning and designing every detail of each year’s arena.  Utilizing the most advanced technology District 3 has to offer, these innovative minds produce spectacular visuals. They also create captivating natural scenery and landscape—from the structure beneath the tributes’ feet to the unpredictable sky above. Every facet of the competition is plotted and executed with precision.  Even the tributes’ arena outfits are conceived in the Gamemakers’ minds, tailored to complement the conditions of the chosen terrain.  What are we to surmise from the rumors of the Gamemakers eyeing neoprene this year? Capitol Couture can only assume that Finnick and Mags may have a decided advantage.

The Head Gamemaker, appointed from a group of candidates by majority vote, takes over the unique role of seeing the live event through and adapting to whatever the tributes may bring to the table. This year, Plutarch Heavensbee—Head Gamemaker for the Quarter Quell—will be at the helm. His unique vision of the arena will become a historical landmark and tourist destination, like all of our past Hunger Games venues.

“As an artist, the games will provide me with almost unlimited creative freedom,” says Heavensbee, who is always circumspect about the details. “Allowing for the event itself to happen in real time adds a layer of constant excitement and anticipation. Add the human variable of the tributes themselves, and no one, not even I, can predict what will happen next.”    

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