October 09, 2013

OFFICIAL: Capitol Couture features Finnick Odair in Game Faces

Our favorite District Four Victor is the most recent feature in Capitol Couture's Game Faces. Check it out below.
Finnick Odair, celebrity star of the Capitol and the ultimate heartthrob, looks ready to march into battle in the latest of our Game Faces series. Shoulders lithely pulled back, his gaze focused and hopeful, the raised angle of his chin projecting his notorious confidence and charisma- this Capitol Golden Boy is sure he’s here to stay.

If ever there was a reason to go diving for pearls, flirtatious Finnick is it, with his sun-kissed complexion and sea glass green eyes. Several gossip columnists have suggested the color is a product of pigment implantation, but Odair swears he’s never artificially altered a single hair on his perfect head. Speaking of, was there a wind machine on this gorgeous tribute or is it gel that makes his tawny hair so fluid and tousled? &nbsp
And don’t think for a minute that we missed that sexy swimmer’s physique. Life on the water has provided Finnick with myriad useful skills for the arena, not the least of which is his considerable skill with a trident- particularly conducive to his victory in the 65th Games. If we had looks like that, we’d have passed on the trident and asked for a pair of Jimmy Choos.

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