October 28, 2013

OFFICIAL: Capitol Couture releases new Finnick Still

Capitol Couture released a feature about our favorite District 4 Victor, Finnick Odair. Along with the article, the feature included a new still of Finnick from Catching Fire.
The Fisherman knit sweater from District Four.
by Monica Corcoran Harel
Nothing speaks to clan heritage like a fisherman knit sweater. Typically passed down through generations, these rugged pieces date back to islands off the west coast of Ireland. Finnick Odair’s own Aran cardigan—comprised of over 100,000 artful stitches—is a sartorial relic from his father, who fished District 4 back when sea bass and cod were bountiful. Rumor has it the debonair Victor sees his sweater as a talisman representative of his family’s Celtic strength and pride.
Read the rest of the article HERE.

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