October 02, 2013

NEWS: Haymith Abernathy Capitol Couture Profile

The Capitol Couture Summer Issue, Zoetic Sol, has done Capitol Profiles for Effie Trinket, Johanna Mason, and and Caesar Flickerman. Yesterday, they profiled our favorite mentor, Haymitch Abernathy. 
Personal style is not a topic Haymitch Abernathy cares to discuss. The sheer notion of getting out of bed—never mind getting dressed—makes him snarl. But beneath that shaggy fa├žade and ever-present scoff lies a man with taste that reflects his complexity and capriciousness. 
Take his penchant for ombre, for instance. This dip-dye method creates a color that graduates from light to dark, which well personifies his mercurial nature. The Ann Demeulemeester wool herringbone blazer he wore for this Capitol Couture portrait suits his attitude and stature. It’s as simple and straightforward as the counsel he passes on to his tribute charges. “Here’s some advice. Stay alive,” he has been known to say. This man is pithy and to the point.
You can read the full profile HERE.

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