October 24, 2013

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence & Sam Claflin Q&A with Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue has released a fun interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin where the talk about all things Catching Fire. 
Jennifer, what did it feel like to revisit your character for the second time?
Jennifer Lawrence: It was kind of weird to go back because I had this idea when I first signed on to the franchise that it would get boring playing the same character. I've never done that—I've always played a brand new character. Katniss is the same character but in completely new circumstances. She's changed. 
Was it important for you to set a certain tone on set as the leading lady?
JL: Yeah, I needed everyone to know I was in charge. (Laughs) I just wanted everyone to be comfortable. When there are new people, it can get awkward, but everyone was so great—including you, Sam.
Sam Claflin: I first bumped into you at stunt training. Your archery put me to shame. I was quite intimidated.
JL: By the sight of my face.
SC: Yea. It really put me off. (Laughs) No, obviously you are a good role model. 
How will your characters interact with each other in the movie? You have a ...complicated relationship.
JL: Finnick is the most seductive man in the Capitol. At first Katniss is very put off by him, but the more she learns about him, the more she starts to understand and respect him. They become weird friends.
SC: He has charm and charisma going for him, but deep down he has insecurities, which overshadow his "external beauty."
You shot most of the movie in Atlanta but the arena scenes took place in Oahu. How was Hawaii? 
JL: Oh, it was like a different movie. Try being stressed in Hawaii, I dare you.
SC: There's something about Hawaii where you step off the plane and you feel really chill. Spiritually, it was like a different film. The crew and cast were downsized and it felt more like a small family unit.
JL: We went swimming in between takes. We would go paddle boarding at lunch. It was amazing. But the scenes got a lot more intense. Things get terrifying. 
There was a lot of paparazzi following you guys on this journey. Did that make it hard while you were filming intense scenes?
SC: They weren't around when we were doing scenes so much. It was worse during our downtime.
JL: I mean, paparazzi suck all the time. When you're working, it's distracting and when you're not working, it's annoying. I don't feel like anyone is entitled to know what we're doing on our weekends and for some reason, the world thinks they are. That's just how I feel.
SC: I was lucky. I didn't have to deal with it as much as her and Josh—partly because no one knows who I am. I'm lucky.
Their playful banter reminds me of some Katniss and Finnick's best moments from the book! :)
Read the full interview HERE.
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