November 04, 2013

VIDEOS: Director Francis Lawrence talks about 'Catching Fire' with MTV

MTV has interviewed Director Francis Lawrence about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire where he talks about his experiences while filming, character development and more.

On creating the Quarter Quell Arena, why he chose Hawaii for filming, storytelling of the Arena, and remaining in Katniss' POV:

On Katniss and Peeta's relationship, the proposal, Jennifer & Josh on set, the wedding dress and more:

On casting Sam Claflin, the sugarcube scene, the fishnet costume, and a touching moment between Katniss & Finnick in the Arena:

On casting the other characters in the film:

On District 11 Victory Scene, Confrontation between President Snow & Katniss, Relationship between Katniss & Gale, removing Haymitch's Games, & filming the final scenes in the Arena:


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