November 25, 2013

NEWS: Francis Lawrence on his take on 'Mockingjay': No IMAX, The Ending, & The Trauma

With where Catching Fire left off, fans are eager to find out how Francis Lawrence is planning approaching the Mockingjay films. Well you're in luck because Francis Lawrence discussed his ideas for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in an interview with Wired.
On the psychological trauma

“To me Catching Fire is the beginning of it, where you start to see that damage and it only gets worse,” Lawrence said. “Obviously if you know Mockingjay, you know stuff is done to Peeta and so there’s a lot more exploration of that.” 
On the ending of the film/book (Are we getting the epilogue?)

“The ending of the book and the book itself is just really important to me,” he said. “I will just say that we’re making the book. But because we are splitting it into two there’s room for world growth. I don’t want to give anything away or anything, but we’re being very true to the book.” 
On filming the films digitally and not IMAX

“In fact, we’re actually shooting Mockingjay digitally,” Lawrence said. “We went from film to digital – mostly because it’s a very different kind of story and most of it takes place underground and in District 13.”
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