November 07, 2013

NEWS: Upcoming Cast TV appearances for 'Catching Fire' promotion

With the film's release only a few weeks away, the promotions for Catching Fire has already kicked off. Starting with the Victory Mall Tours and the Global Fan Day yesterday, it looks like the cast will be busy these upcoming couple weeks. Several members of the cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and more are scheduled to appear on various talk shows in the next few weeks. 
Thursday, 11/14 – Donald Sutherland on Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson 
Friday, 11/15 – Jena Malone on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 
Monday, 11/18 – Jennifer Lawrence on Chelsea, Lately 
Tuesday, 11/19 – Jennifer Lawrence on Live with Kelly & Michael 
Wednesday, 11/20 - Josh Hutcherson on Live with Kelly & Michael 
Thursday, 11/21 - Liam Hemsworth on Live with Kelly & Michael 
Monday, 11/24 - Stanley Tucci on Live with Kelly & Michael
Wednesday, 11/27 - Jena Malone & Woody Harrelson on Live with Kelly & Michael 
 Friday, 12/20 - Lenny Kravitz on Live with Kelly & Michael


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