January 15, 2014

NEWS: 'Catching Fire' DVD Deleted Scenes & Documentary REVEALED!

Early December of the past year, we got the news that the Catching Fire DVD is now available for pre-order from Target, including the details that the special features of the DVD will include a 9-part Making-of Documentary and Deleted Scenes. Now, we have more info on those DVD extras from the British Board of Film Classification.

Here is what the BBFC posted on their website about the additional material for the Catching Fire DVD/Blu-ray.
(144 minutes and 16 seconds):

(4 minutes and 29 seconds):

These are listed for the UK DVD, but we're assuming that it will be pretty much the same for the US version and for other versions that will be available around the world. Notably, the supposed rooftop scene and the Tribute Training session scene where the morphling is painting something on Peeta's shoulder that director Francis Lawrence said they filmed but unfortunately didn't make the cut of the film, are not included in what the BBFC listed. So, we're hoping that it will be in the version released in the US and other regions globally.
The Catching Fire DVD is rumored to be released on March 4th.


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