January 06, 2014

NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence hailed as the Top Money-Making Star of 2013

Quigley Publishing Company has released the results for their annual survey that determines the top 10 stars that theatre owners and film buyers believe to have made the highest box-office earnings for their theaters during the year. And for 2013, our Jennifer Lawrence topped the survey as the top money-making star!

After winning an Academy Award and a Golden Globe earlier this year and outstanding performances in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “American Hustle,” theatre owners and film buyers felt Lawrence was responsible for more traffic to movie theatres in 2013 than any other actor. Sandra Bullock, who was in “The Heat” and “Gravity” this year, placed second on the Top Ten Money- Making Stars list. The only other time females were voted the top two spots in history was our first poll in 1932 when Marie Dressler and Janet Gaynor were first and second respectively. Since then, nine women have been voted first in the Top Money-Making Star Poll a total of seventeen years, with Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Shirley Temple and Marie Dressler winning multiple times.
Jennifer was named the female Star of Tomorrow last year. This is the first time an actress has gone from Star of Tomorrow of the previous year to the Top Money-Maker the year after.

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