June 24, 2014

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson On Mockingjay Filming Wrap Up: "It's A Very Bittersweet Ending" (AUDIO)

Josh Hutcherson was recently on On Air with Ryan Seacrest to promote his forthcoming annual Celebrity Basketball Game set to take place on August 8th. In the interview, he also talked briefly (1:59 mark) about the end of filming for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, which he called "a very bittersweet ending." Note: this audio was pre-recorded.

Partial Transcript of the Interview:
But before we got to that, Ryan had to ask about The Hunger Games, which will have its third film, Mockingjay — Part 1, be released this November. 
“Tomorrow is our final wrap day for all the Hunger Games,” explains Josh. “One more day, and it’s a very bittersweet ending.” 
And when the wrap celebration happens, he jokes, ”I think people are going to party pretty hard. They’ve been shooting this for nine months now … we started in October last year.” 
As for Josh’s Celebrity Basketball Game, the 5’7″ actor — who plays for his gay-straight alliance, Straight But Not Narrow – explained how he makes it to the hoop. “It’s a low center of gravity thing, I just make it work. You’ve got to be quick … It’s the third year we’ve done this event. And it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. And so much fun every time.” 
Tickets for The Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game go on sale today at 10 a.m. at

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