July 15, 2014

NEWS: TheCapitol.PN Gets Hacked By The Rebels, Tweets Rue's Four-Note Whistle Song (PHOTOS)

It looks like Beetee is currently at it again at District 13! Just a few minutes ago, the official Twitter account for TheCapitol tweeted a mysterious code, which fans have pointed out to be Rue's Four-Note Whistle Song. The tweet has now been deleted, but we got a screencap of it below:

The Hunger Games Capitol Twitter Hacked By The Rebels

We also headed over to TheCapitol.PN website right after the tweet was posted, clicked Inspect Element on the page and a chills-inducing message appeared.

The Hunger Games CapitolPN Hacked By The Rebels

#TheMockingjayLives! Does this imply that something is again soon coming our way? What do you think this could be, Tributes? Stay tuned... Follow us on Twitter @TheHungerGamers for the fastest updates.


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