November 04, 2014

OFFICIAL: 'Mockingjay Part 1' Score Tracklist by James Newton Howard Unveiled (SPOILERS)

Get excited Tributes! Amazon has revealed the full tracklist for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 score. The score was composed by the Academy Award Nominated composer James Newton Howard, who penned the score of the previous two movies as well. The track names provide some hints of scenes in the movie which also help us predict where they will be splitting the movie. The album will be released on November 24 and is available to pre-order HERE.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead for Non-book readers!
1. Mockingjay
2. Remind Her Who The Enemy Is
3. District 12
4. Snow's Speech
5. Please Welcome Peeta
6. Katniss Nightmare
7. The Arsenal
8. Incoming Bombers
9. Don't Be A Fool Katniss
10. District 12 Ruins
11. The Hanging Tree
12. Peeta's Broadcast
13. Air Raid Drill
14. It's Gonna Be A Long Night
15. Taunting The Cat
16. White Rose
17. District 8 Hospital
18. The Broadcast
19. Jamming The Capitol
20. Inside The Tribute Center
21. Put Me On The Air
22. They're Back
23. Victory

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