March 25, 2012

AUDIO: Jennifer Lawrence on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest"

The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, called in to "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" on Thursday, and shared a funny story about Liam Hemsworth. She also talked about her boyfriend Nicholas Hault, The Hunger Games' popularity and her hairdo and more. Listen to the audio below.

Liam Is Coming In Tomorrow. What Should We Ask?
“Oh, that’ll be fun. He’s a lot funnier than I am. He did something hilarious last night. We were walking in this hotel and there was this wall of mirrors, and he started going like ‘What’s this guy want walking so close to me?’ and almost punched his reflection in the face.”
Does Liam Know He’s Good Looking?
“I don’t know. Not to that scale, but he is. I don’t think so. I thought it was perfectly valid question. That’s what girls always ask each other if he’s a cute guy, ‘does he know he’s cute?’ No, I don’t think he [Liam] does.”
What Did Nicolas Holt Think About ‘The Hunger Games’? You’re Dating Him Right?
“I knew you would do this. This is your thing isn’t it? We’re just basketball buddies. We just love playing basketball. The people who know me have been very nice to my face, fortunately. I don’t know what is going on behind my back, but my family and friends and everybody seem to like it.”
Any Anticipation For The Opening?
“I don’t actually feel it. I’m in complete denial about everything. I’m still going about my life as if everything is totally normal. I’m just ignoring all of it. I’m excited and nervous, but mostly excited now.”
Why Is It So Popular?
“There are just as many male fans as females. She’s in an incredible character, and it’s this story the also has substance. It’s just has a great message for our generation.”
What Did You Think When You Saw It Back?
“I was so relieved. Because I just watched Gary Ross on set, and knew that he was making an unbelievably sophisticated, un-popcorn movie, but there was those nerves that before you do a movie that every things been destroyed. Then I saw it, and I was so relieved because I loved it. I mean I was obviously the worst part of it, in my opinion.”
We Need To Boost Your Self-Confidence!
“I genuinely watch myself and hate everything. I hate how I always look, how I talk, what I say, how I act, and everything about myself. It’s genuine! It’s real!”
Will You Keep Your Shorter Bangs? They Look Very Nice On You.
“Thank you! Okay, than I will keep them. For some reason I panic every time I get them trimmed because I think, ‘Am I ready for this kind of commitment?’”
Why Aren’t You Excited?
“I’m sorry! No, I’m really excited, but I just have terrible self-esteem!” She continues, “It’s just my way of absorbing it. It’s by NOT absorbing it.”

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