March 25, 2012

INTERVIEW: Gary Ross on The Hunger Games' Success: "I didn't think it'd do this well"

Variety had the chance to interview The Hunger Games Director, Gary Ross, about the movie's record-breaking success. And according to him, he didn't expect that it's going to be THIS BIG! Read the interview below:
"I imagined that it could do very, very well, but certainly not this much," Ross told Variety.
That's because the helmer said the film's production -- shot mostly in the mountains of North Carolina -- didn't exactly feel like the start of a Hollywood franchise phenomenon.
"It was a very lean shoot," Ross said. "There's something kind of humbling about hiking in the woods to make a movie every day. We didn't feel like we were part of a large Hollywood system."
Ross credits his children for spurring him to read the books in author Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. He was immediately intrigued and began lobbying hard for the movie.
"Instantly, it was clear to me what the movie should be. It was never something that I had to grope for from the moment I shut the back cover. So I think the next morning I bought a plane ticket to England and flew to see (producer) Nina Jacobson, saying I wanted to do it," he said
I'm still speechless about how big the first weekend figures turned out. I hope it continues in the weeks to come and hopefully surpass the billion milestone. *Fingers-crossed* May the odds be ever in OUR favor.


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