April 09, 2012

NEWS: Director Gary Ross to resume negotiations for Catching Fire today

The Hunger Games director, Gary Ross, is still mum about the issue of bowing out of the Hunger Games sequels. However, THR reported that he is scheduled to continue negotiating the matter with Lionsgate today (4/9/12).
The Hunger Games director Gary Ross is set to meet with Lionsgate executives on Monday for a key meeting that will help determine his role in the follow-up to the mega-blockbuster. 
Sources describe the negotiations between Ross and Lionsgate as delicate. In addition to his concerns about the schedule, THR reported on Wednesday that the filmmaker would like a raise from the $3 million (and 5 percent of backend) that he received for the first film, which has passed $450 million in worldwide box office and received an 85 percent “fresh” rating from critics on Ross, an accomplished screenwriter and director (Pleasantville,Seabiscuit) has several other projects in development and could choose to pursue any of them. 
One option for Lionsgate is that it could attempt to “buy” more time for Ross, essentially paying Fox (or horsetrading in other ways) to bump its production schedule to accomodate the Hunger Games shoot. Or Lionsgate could move on and hire another filmmaker to take on the sequel, much like Twilight studio Summit Entertainment dropped Catherine Hardwick in favor of Chris Weitz for the second installment of that franchise. 
Either way, the next week or so should bring some clarity to the future of Hollywood’s hottest movie franchises.
It was reported last week that Gary was on vacation and was out of reach. We hope settlements about directing the sequels are done when he comes back (today, as reported). Thoughts?

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