April 01, 2012

NEWS: The Hunger Games earns a massive $61.1 million in its 2nd weekend, a total of $251 million domestically

Continue the celebration, Hunger Gamers! The Hunger Games is still dominating the box-office! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie grossed $61.1 million over the weekend, beating new entries such as Wrath of the Titans and Mirror Mirror. Read the report below:
Hunger Games towered over new entries Wrath of the Titans andMirror Mirror in its second weekend, grossing $61.1 million and pushing its domestic cume to $251 million. The Lionsgate pic crossed $250 million in only 10 days -- the fastest ever for a nonsequel.
Hunger Games grossed $34.8 million in its second weekend of play at the foreign box office, putting its cume at $113.9 million and global total at $364.9 million.
Domestic Box Office, March 30-April 1  
(Title/Weeks in release/Theater count, Studio/Three-day weekend total/Cume)
1. The Hunger Games, 2/4,137, Lionsgate, $61.1 million, $251 million.

2. Wrath of the Titans, 1/3,545, Warners/Legendary, $34.2 million.

3. Mirror Mirror, 1/3,603, Relativity, $19 million.

4. Jump Street, 3/3,148, Sony/MGM, $15 million, $93 million.

5. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, 5/3,264, Universal/Illumination, $8 million, $189.6 million.

6. John Carter, 4/2,397, Disney, $2 million, $66.2 million.

7. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, 4/483, CBS Films, $1.3 million, $3.2 million.

8. Act of Valor, 6/1,239, Relativity/Bandito Brothers, $1 million, $67.7million.

9. A Thousand Words, 4/1,007, Paramount/DreamWorks, $915K million, $16.5 million.

10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, 8/908, New Line/Warner Bros., $835K million, $98.5 million.

Nothing can convey how proud I am of The Hunger Games. Keep watching it guys!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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