April 06, 2012

PHOTO: Alexander Ludwig on the cover of 'Da Man' Magazine April/May Issue

The Hunger Games star, Alexander Ludwig, is on the cover of 'Da Man' Magazine April/May 2012 issue. Check out the photos and an excerpt from an article below:

Photos from the Mag

Article Excerpt
On bulking up to play Cato in The Hunger Games
“I gained almost 40 pounds of muscle for this role. I’m currently working on getting back to how I was before Cato. As an actor, I feel that it’s important to make a physical commitment to create a character and it’s also important for me to return to my normal self.” 
On his music career
“Check out my new song ‘Liv It Up’ currently available on iTunes! I’ve always been very passionate about music and am currently working on creating an album. [My favorite musicians are] Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, a variety of country artists including Rodney Atkins.” 
On making films
“My parents know how passionate I’ve always been about acting. I convinced them this was something that I was going to put my heart and soul into. They encourage me 100 percent. I couldn’t do it without their support.”
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Update: More pictures from "Da Man" 

You can read the lengthy interview and view more pictures of Alexander on DaMan.Co.Id
Thanks Ronald Liem for the tip.


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