June 22, 2012

NEWS: Visitors vandalizing The Hunger Games filming location in North Carolina

This makes me sad.  Hickory Daily Record is reporting that visitors of Henry River Mill Village, the location where the District 12 scenes in The Hunger Games were filmed, are vandalizing the place.

Hunger Games bakery vandalizing

HICKORY, NC — Visitors to Henry River Mill Village need to clean up their act or they may just ruin it for other fans of “The Hunger Games.” 
Wade Shepherd, owner of the 72-acre village, is just about fed up with the vandalism and the trash being left at the village. 
The village stood in as District 12 in the movie, which was the home district of heroine Katniss Everdeen and other characters such as Peeta Mellark and his family’s bakery, Gale Hawthorne and Haymitch Abernathy. The old mill village had a general store and it was used in the movie as the Mellark bakery. The words “pastries” and “cakes” were painted on the wood on either side of the main door for the movie. The words were left when filming wrapped at the location. 
Even before the movie was released, someone took a piece of the wood in the word “pastries.” 
Now, someone has taken more, Shepherd said. The wood planks holding the “p” and part of the “a” is missing. 
And it gets worse. 
This week, Shepherd found a steel bar that he had put across a side door to secure the old store had been taken down. He figures someone tried to enter the old store. 
In addition, Shepherd said the trash left behind by visitors is becoming unbearable. He’s found beer bottles and every other kind of drink bottles and cans. 
Shepherd attributes the vandalism and trash to just a small group of visitors. He figures 99 percent of visitors are good. He said he also likes seeing kids enjoy themselves on the property. 
Shepherd said people also should stay on the sidewalks and not venture through the grass. He’s afraid people can get hurt due to unseen holes throughout the property.
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