June 22, 2012

Nominate The Hunger Games to be in NPR's Top 100 Books list

The theme for NPR's Top 100 Books this year is Young Adult and nominations have just been opened. To nominate The Hunger Games, head over to NPR to log in or register, then list up to five of your fave young adult books, including The Hunger Games on the comments. Read the instructions below for more info!

Teen fiction shares the virtues of youth itself: energy, vividness, passion. Like adolescents, teen novels revel in drama and grapple with Life’s Big Questions.
For many of us — including the large adult audience that now follows young-adult (YA) fiction — these books also make perfect vacation reads, which is why NPR Books is focusing this year’s annual summer readers’ poll on YA fiction (here are some past polls). During the coming weeks, your votes will decide the titles that make our top-100 list of the best YA novels ever. 
The first step in the process is to assemble nominees from you, the audience. To nominate your favorite YA books for consideration, log in below and write the titles and authors into the comments field. Here are a few guidelines: 
1. Limit yourself to five titles per post. Don’t hesitate to nominate a book that someone else has already listed; your entry will count as a vote that will help that title progress to the next round. 
2. Nominate “multivolume novels” as one work. The Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games trilogy, for example, will be judged as single, collective works — so don’t bother listing the separate titles in the series. 
3. That said, not all series are “multivolume novels.” To be judged as a collective work, the books in a series must be written by the same originating author or authors and must tell a more or less continuous story — usually about a consistent group of characters. So, you can’t nominate the whole Goosebumps series as such, but you can nominate The Horror at Camp Jellyjam as an individual work.
Reading on the comments, so far we don't have that many nominations yet guys. We need your help! Please nominate our beloved trilogy. Thanks!

Source: NPR
Thanks MockigjayNet for the tip.


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