August 23, 2012

ARTICLE: 5 Things to Know About Sam Claflin (THR) & Why He's the Perfect Finnick Odair (E! Online)

With the major official casting announcement yesterday that Sam Claflin will be playing the coveted role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Press Release HERE), The Hollywood Reporter lists 5 Things that you may not know about him, while E! Online provides reasons why they think he's the perfect Finnick Odair.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:
1. Claflin doesn’t have show business in his blood.
Claflin was born in Ipswich, Suffolk. His mother is a classroom assistant at the high school he went to, and his father is an accountant. “My parents don’t have any showbusiness links,” he said in an interview. “They are so far away from it. It is nice to be able to share it with them and hold hands and scream together.”
 2. He could have been a soccer star.
Claflin says he played soccer “24/7” when he was younger, and if he hadn’t broken his ankle as a teen, his life may have gone in a very different direction. He was a member of the School of Excellence for Norwich City FC, but injured himself during a game, which led to the end of his soccer career. 
He was playing in the park with his friends when he collided with another player as they both went for the ball, he told a local newspaper. When he tried to walk home, his ankle “snapped in half.” 
“At that moment I realized how serious it was because of the pain," he said. "I did try getting back into football but my ankle couldn’t last for a full game.” 
3. He auditioned to play a prince in two Snow White movies.
Claflin starred as the prince in Snow White and the Huntsman, Universal’s dark take on the fairy tale starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. However, he revealed that he had also audition to play the prince in Relativity’s campy version starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. The part went to Armie Hammer.
According to E! Online:

Let’s start with the surface stuff. Claflin’s got green eyes. Really. Not blue. Not gray. Green. Fans came down hard on Jennifer Lawrence for her lack of brown-ness, but maybe they can be happy with Claflin’s eye color; Finnick Odair’s eyes are also green. I’ve seen them. So there.If that isn’t enough, here are some more facts that prety clinch it for the guy: 
• Claflin’s childhood clearly prepared him for the bloody Panem arena. “My parents bought me this book called Twisted Tales when I was a kid, which is all the fairy tales turned on their heads,” he told E!’s Marc Malkin. “At the end of Cinderella, the prince finds out she’s not a princess…so he chops her head off.” 
• He’s said he spent his teens in “one of the roughest schools there is.” And, in the same way that Finnick has a “self-effacing humor,” according to the books, Claflin is down-to-Earth too. When I interviewed him last year, he modestly explained, “I come from the bottom of the ladder. I’m from Norwich. Not many people seem to know about it. It’s that sticky-outy bit over there. You know, in the east.”

• Finally, the kid knows from pain. I won't spoil what happens to Finnick in the Suzanne Collins series, but Claflin does know what it's like to be knocked out of a competition. Before he became an actor, he wanted to be a pro soccer player, but a busted ankle killed that plan. It's a loss for the Norwich soccer team, but definitely a gain for Hunger Games fans.
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