August 02, 2012

NEWS: Which scenes exactly were cut from the UK version of 'The Hunger Games' movie?

We learned a few weeks before The Hunger Games opened in theaters worldwide that due to the movie's dark tone and theme, 7 seconds had to be cut from the UK version in order for it to achieve a 12A rating there. Now, a user on, who has seen both the US/international and the UK versions, has listed the differences between some certain scenes in the US version and the UK version, describing which parts were cut.

With 7 seconds of footage cut from The Hunger Games in U.K. theaters, I will describe the scenes cut and edited out. I have seen both versions.
U.S. Version: A tribute bashes another tribute’s head with brick. Brick had blood on it.
U.K. Version: Same thing, but no blood. 
U.S. Version: Cornucopia scene has blood. Blood on weapons, blood on people, even blood on supplies.
U.K. Version: Cornucopia scene has no blood. 
U.S. Version: Katniss attends to her fire wound.
U.K. Version: Most of this scene was taken out. 
U.S. Version: Cato snaps a tribute’s neck.
U.K. Version: Most of this scene was reduced. 
U.S. Version: Clove briefly holds knife above Katniss’ head.
U.K. Version: Some of this was reduced. 
U.S. Version: Thresh smashes Clove’s head into cornucopia three times.
U.K. Version: The third time isn’t seen. 
U.S. Version: Cato has blood all over his head.
U.K. Version: Cato doesn’t have blood on his head. 
I think these are all the differences. If I missed any, let me know.
Knowing how drastic the changes were makes me feel bad for UK Tributes. But then they'll be able to see everything that was cut in the movie on the DVD, which will be released in UK on September 3rd anyway. So, it's all good. :)

Thanks, Hypable


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