September 18, 2012

INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Banks talks about how 'The Hunger Games' varies from 'The Twilight Saga'

In a new interview with, Elizabeth Banks discusses the differences between The Hunger Games and The Twilight Saga, her portrayal of Effie's character, and more!

On her portrayal of Effie:
Based on the best-seller by Suzanne Collins, the film is set in a future world where people’s idea of entertainment is watching teenagers fight to the death on TV. Elizabeth’s character, Effie Trinket, adds a measure of light relief. And for that, says the actress, she took her inspiration from “old Hollywood”.

“Well, I frankly ripped off Rosalind Russell in the 1958 comedy Auntie Mame,” she admits.

“She’s one of my favourite actresses and that is one of my favourite performances. I also rewatched The Philadelphia Story because I like to remind myself of the pacing of these older films and that helped me find Effie’s voice. I knew that I wanted this kind of theatricality and the sound of the movies from the 40s but it took a few takes to feel like I was really living in her voice. The director [Gary Ross] was very patient with me.”

On how The Hunger Games is (very) different from Twilight:
The detail in the books is so intriguing, and it is a pretty classic tale, but with a very brilliant new heroine. That is really the heart of it, and I think that’s appealing on a lot of levels. Also it’s about family and how we make family – these are universal themes that everyone can get behind.”
The book is often compared to the hugely successful Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, and Elizabeth concedes there are similarities.

“I understand why people make the comparisons because there’s a female protagonist and two guys, but they are also very different. Although the Twilight films are fun to watch I don’t know what they are saying about life generally.
“They are almost so fantastical that I’m not sure what you hold on to other than the love story. Whereas The Hunger Games is about so many things. It says something about society.”
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