October 18, 2012

NEWS: Josh Hutcherson reportedly in talks for 'The Hangover' teen version film 'The Bluff'

While our Peeta MellarkJosh Hutcherson is currently busy filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Atlanta, Moviehole is reporting that he is already in talks for another potential film project with Percy Jackson star, Logan Lerman.

The hours and hours of “Amazing Spider-Man” audition tapes didn’t go to waste, it seems.
Filmmaker Jonathan Dillon (“Fight Night”) has found the stars of his next film, “The Bluff” on the runner-up pile. Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) and Logan Lerman (“Percy Jackson” series) are in talks to appear in the helmer’s tweenage take on ‘The Hangover’, with a group of young males getting up to the kind of authority-interesting antics the characters in Todd Phillips’ classic did – in Las Vegas, of course.
“The Bluff” is one of quite a few similar themed comedies prepped and packaged for AFM in Santa Monica.
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