October 18, 2012

PHOTOS: More photos of the District 12 'Catching Fire' set at Goat Farm

We previously posted a photo of what seems like the District 12 Reaping Scene in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at Goat Farm and reported that filming will be happening there this week as well. Today, more set photos at Goat Farm have appeared online. Check them out.
@jonacosta – “Accidentally walked right onto the set of The Hunger Games filming their next movie at my old studio in Atlanta today. And yes, Jennifer Lawrence was there. In full action.”

@vagabondartsinstagram – “Goat Farm transformed into a movie set”
@JenSLawrence - “Side view of #CatchingFire set at Goat Farm. Wires, equipment were being unloaded from trucks. Hmm…”
@LadyBellinger - “On the set of The Hunger Games at The Goat Farm.”



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