October 16, 2012

NEWS: 'The Hunger Games' fandom makes Vulture's 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases list

Vulture has come up with a list of the 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases, and The Hunger Games not only made the Top 25, it cracked the Top 10, coming in at the 7th spot. Congratulations Tributes!

POPULARITY: Suzanne Colllins’s book trilogy is Amazon’s best-selling series of all time, while the 2012 film counterpart had the fifth-biggest opening weekend in history ($152.5 million domestic) and became the thirteenth-biggest-grossing domestic movie of all time ($408 million). Has inspired countless tie-ins (a cookbook, a sports club workout, a $999 Mockingjay pin).
MAIN HANGOUTS:, Hunger Games Tumblrs 
AVERAGE DEMOGRAPHIC: Female, teen, or teen at heart. Thanks to better writing and kid-on-kid violence, the franchise attracts a wider following than its vampire counterpart, Twilight, but the core audience is still young women. 
DEVOTIONAL PROFILE: Mere hours after Jennifer Lawrence was cast as the big-screen Katniss in 2011, the forums were rumbling: She’s not skinny enough! She’s too fair-skinned! Her hair is (gasp) blonde! The immediate outrage over Lawrence — a 20-year-old Oscar nominee and an obviously talented actress — was about fidelity; Collins’s books enthralled young readers (and the elders who read along with them) because of their precise, horrifying detail. So cue the ever-vigilant Hunger Games fan Tumblr, which monitors casting notices and opines daily about which actors meet the exacting specifications of the source material for the upcoming sequels. They post set photos and analyze costume and makeup decisions. They speculate endlessly about which minor characters will or will not make it into the movie.
The list was topped by the phenomenal HBO series, Game of Thrones, followed by Star Wars (#2), Twilight (#3), Harry Potter (#4), Justin Bieber (#5) and Lord of the Rings (#6).

 You can check out the entire list HERE.


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