November 12, 2012

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence says director Francis Lawrence's style is more fantastical than Gary Ross

The New York Times recently caught up with Jennifer Lawrence about her new movie, Silver Linings Playbook, Francis Lawrence, Gary Ross, The Hunger Games franchise and many more.
Her life changed profoundly and suddenly with “Hunger Games,” the adaptation of the first in the best-selling Suzanne Collins trilogy of young-adult novels, about a dystopic society where children are sacrificed in yearly reapings. Fans and critics alike debated whether Ms. Lawrence was suited for the part, carping online about her physique and relative newcomer status. But the film, directed by Gary Ross, earned over $400 million and made Ms. Lawrence one of the top-grossing action heroines of all time. It also made her, overnight, a paparazzi target. “It gets overwhelming, where I’ll cry in my car, but not to the point where I don’t want to do what I’m doing,” she said.
Three more “Hunger Games” films are due: “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” Parts 1 and 2, all to be directed by Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend”). His style, Ms. Lawrence said, is more fantastical than Mr. Ross’s, but both remain true to the books, a must with such a devoted fan base. “It’s also something that I’m proud of,” she said. “Like, I don’t get annoyed when the guy at the bar says, ‘May the odds be ever in your favor.’” 
She grew up the baby of the family, working on her parents’ horse farm and children’s camp in the suburbs of Louisville, Ky. Still tomboy-close with her two brothers — they wrestle — she is equally silly on set. She sported a bite mark on her hand that she said came from her “Catching Fire” co-star Woody Harrelson in a finger-mustache game she invented and dubbed the Sanchez. “He actually didn’t bite me; I ran into his teeth,” she explained, as if that made it better. Preparing for an emotionally heavy moment involving dead children, “I put a rubber band on my nose to make me look like a pig and walked out and did the scene,” she said.
You can read the entire interview HERE


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