December 19, 2012

INTERVIEW: 'The Hunger Games' Music Producer T. Bone Burnett says he won't return for Catching Fire

This makes us a little sad. The Hunger Games Music Producer T. Bone Burnett reveals that he will not be coming back for Catching Fire in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

T Bone Burnett boasts a cache of credits that include albums by Elvis Costello, Los Lobos, Roy Orbison, Counting Crows and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – not to mention the acclaimed soundtracks for Cold Mountain, Crazy Heart, The Hunger Games and O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Grammy and Academy Award winner has long been one of the most respected names in music and, at 64, he remains one of the industry’s most in-demand producers.
Elton John‘s rockin’ return to form, The Diving Board, John Mellencamp and Stephen King’s musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and the Coen Brothers’ 1960s New York folk homage Inside Llewyn Davis are just a few projects slated for 2013 that bear Burnett’s unmistakable imprint. However, it’s the ABC music drama Nashville — co-created and executive-produced by his wife Callie Khouri (Thelma and Louise) — that’s keeping him busiest of all. As the show’s executive music producer, he creates a musical world every week around a host of lovelorn characters. 
Burnett chatted with Rolling Stone about his many projects and how he is a passionate advocate for Music City’s up-and-coming songwriters. 
I wanted to congratulate you on the Grammy nod[For Hunger Games].
Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. 
Are you gonna have any involvement with the Hunger Games sequel?
No, I’m not. You know, that was a period of time – I’m not gonna do anymore of that stuff for a few moments.


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