December 20, 2012

NEWS: 'The Hunger Games' among the Most Watched Trailers of 2012

Remember that day when the official theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games premiered online? That day when the entire Hunger Games fandom freaked out? When all of us watched the trailer for a good 100 times? Well, that excitement actually paid off. Because ET (via Youtube) announced that The Hunger Games trailer is the 4th most watched film trailer of 2012!
YouTube released their list of the most watched trailers of 2012 and though the top movie clips aren’t too surprising, the most-viewed TV trailer is a bit out of left field.
The video sharing site bases the rankings on how many times a clip was viewed, how long people continued watching it and how many people found the video by searching for it rather than clicking on an ad. Here are the Top 5 most-watched movie and TV trailers according to YouTube:
Official Theatrical Trailer
Theatrical Trailer 2



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