January 14, 2013

INTERVIEW: Paula Malcomson gives her character Mrs. Everdeen a first name

This is very interesting. Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Paula Malcomson at Showtime's Critics Association Tour day about her role - Mrs. Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise. Also, in the interview, she revealed that she gave Mrs. Everdeen a first name. Find out what it is below!

On taking on the role

“There’s not a lot on the page,” Malcomson told me about the role, but adds, “When I read those books, I was excited about the possibilities and felt like this could be a really fun role … But there’s such a great character progression with her. She has this rebirth throughout the series, so I play it out in my head a lot.” 
On her naming her character
In creating an elaborate backstory for her character, Malcomson also created a first name for her character. “I named her Clara,” she tells ETonline. “I don’t know why, but that just came to me.”
On filming Catching Fire

“I was so excited about working with [new director] Francis Lawrence,” she said. “It was also nice to go back now that we all know each other. It’s like a beautiful reunion this summer and had a great time.”


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