February 28, 2013

ARTICLE: EW lists reasons why they love Jennifer Lawrence

Entertainment Weekly has put together a list of their main reasons why they love our Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence! It's just so hard not to love Jennifer.

Flip through your Facebook or Twitter feed over the past 24 hours, and you’re likely inundated with Jennifer Lawrence love. The current ‘It’ girl is certainly having a moment this awards season, on top of an already incredible 2012. When she won her Best Actress Oscar Sunday night, if felt — like many Oscar fans predicted – that the Academy was crowning the next big movie star. But the interesting thing about JLaw is that she presents herself to be so different from the Hollywood golden girl of a decade or so ago. Julia Roberts in the ‘90s and Reese Witherspoon in the early ’00s certainly had their fans, but Lawrence’s charm is helping propel her to a new kind of celebrity. She’s rewriting the rules for how we view our superstars, perfectly adjusting to 2013’s demands. 
She combines Every woman likability (the big Oscar stumble!) with Hollywood glamour (the big recovery!), and, of course, Oscar-approved raw talent. All together, she’s gearing up to be a once-in-a-generation star, and she’s doing it by rewriting the starlet rulebook. Her goofy personality is transcending the typical stories that get written about young ingĂ©nues. Don’t believe me? Check out a becoming-a-superstar checklist that acts as a complete rundown for how Jennifer Lawrence has become the perfect 2013 celebrity.
1.) She constantly gives fans Gif-able moments. Lawrence, meet the Internet. It’s a cruel world out there, but the one thing that can bring anonymous readers together is memes and Gifs. And Lawrence, with her overly-expressive face and great reaction shots, always, always delivers.
Evidence: That time Jack Nicholson surprised her mid-interview and she completely freaked out. 
2.) She’s a press darling. We see more of our stars than ever, with YouTube allowing us to replay quick television interviews from Berlin or paparazzi cameras capturing a down moment. But Lawrence consistently nailed it not only during never-ending franchise promotion for Hunger Games but also throughout awards season. Result? Her likability factor goes through the roof. 
Evidence: This after-the-Oscars Q&A, where she casually cops to taking a shot prior to talking. 
3.) She’s relatable. Entirely fair or not, our favorite Hollywood stars are women we can imagine being the girl next door (see also: The enduring appeal of Jennifer Aniston). Whether she’s embarrassing herself while stalking John Stamos or falling up the stairs at the Oscars, she always allows fans to think, “If we ever met, we’d totally be best friends.” Those moments then get constantly reblogged on Tumblr and other sites, allowing the world to collectively fangirl together. 
Evidence: Just check out her joke-y trash talk about Emma Stone on the red carpet.


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