February 05, 2013

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence says she'll fly back to Hawaii to finish 'Catching Fire' filming right after the Oscars

In a new interview with Access Hollywood at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday (photos here), Jennifer Lawrence reveals that she will fly back to Hawaii to finish filming Catching Fire right after the Academy Awards.
She’s just 22, but “Silver Linings Playbook” star Jennifer Lawrence is already enjoying her second run at an Oscar. However, being sick throughout award season has put a bit of a damper on things. 
“I was sick for a month and it sucks, because I couldn’t fully enjoy it,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood correspondent Dave Karger at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon in Beverly Hills on Monday. “I couldn’t shake incredible people’s hands because I didn’t want to give them the flu!” 
Jennifer is still narrowing down her dress options for the big night, but she has high hopes for her formal number. 
“I’ve gone through a few sketches, and they’re all very different… which I like… Fingers crossed,” she said, when Dave asked about her plans to go all out and make a splash with her gown. 
This whole process of being a Best Actress nominee throughout award season has been a blast for the actress.
“It’s awesome. It’s a very cool thing that’s happening,” she said. 
But, the day after award season is over, Jennifer will get back to work on the follow up to “The Hunger Games” – “Catching Fire.” 
“We paused [filming on] it,” she said. “I fly out to Hawaii the day after the Oscars. I don’t think I would be able to do it – flying back and forth, so, thank you Summit,” she said, mentioning the studio behind the franchise.


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