March 17, 2013

VIDEO: Liam Hemsworth confirms whipping scene inclusion in Catching Fire film

Liam Hemsworth was recently in the Philippines to promote the clothing line that he models for called Bench/. At the press/fan conference for the said clothing line, he was asked about the brand's photo shoot with a lion (photos here), his own fashion style, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Jennifer Lawrence. He also confirmed (although we all expected) that the whipping scene will indeed be in the film.

7. He says that it isn’t an act: Jennifer Lawrence, his“Hunger Games” and“Catching Fire” co-star, truly is “amazing.” 
“She’s one of the most energetic, fun-loving people I’ve ever met. Working with her on set is just easy because she’s so good and she’s just won all these huge awards so congratulations to her for that. She’s amazing.” 
8. Liam gets “whipped” in “Catching Fire” — literally. 
“My character [Gale] gets whipped in this one. So I spent a couple of days on my knees getting whipped, which was pretty horrific.” 
9. “Catching Fire” is turning out to be even better than “The Hunger Games.” 
“There’s a whole lot of great stuff in ‘Catching Fire.’ The characters are developing more; (director) Francis Lawrence had a whole new take on it.”



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