May 10, 2013

NEWS: Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins named as one of the Most Powerful Moms of 2013

Mother's Day is this weekend and in celebration of the special day for moms around the world, Working Mother magazine has put together a list of the 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2013. And for two consecutive years now, our beloved author of The Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins, makes the list.
Suzanne Collins 
Author of the Hunger Games Series
Children: 2 Kids 
A former writer for children’s television, this talented and wildly successful writer mom worked on Clarissa Explains it All and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!before trying her hand at children’s books. Her first series, The Underland Chronicles, sold well enough to pave the way for her next series, the multimillion-selling book and movie series, the Hunger Games. Now living in Connecticut with her husband and two children, Suzanne seems to favor a low, grounded profile. We’ll see if she can keep that going when her new book, Year of the Jungle, hits shelves sometime this year!
You can check out the full list HERE which also includes pop star Beyonce, singer Mariah Carey and writer/comedian Tina Fey.

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