June 12, 2013

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson talk about Katniss & Peeta in a new/old interview

An old, but newly uploaded video interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson by German magazine Madchen at the Berlin premiere of The Hunger Games has surfaced online. The questions on the video are all in German, so here are the translations.
  1. Why do you think the movie The Hunger Games captivates audiences, especially young people, so much?
  2. Josh, if you could influence Katniss on her decision, would you advise her to choose Peeta or Gale?
  3. Are there Hunger Games in real life – in a figurative sense?
  4. Josh, what would be your personal strategy to survive in the Hunger Games?
  5. Jennifer, are you as much of a fighter in real life as you are in the film?

Jennifer and Josh's interviews together are the best!


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