July 17, 2013

NEWS: Compete in The Ultimate Fan Challenge on 'The Hunger Games Explorer' & win some cool prizes

Lionsgate's online marketing/news-sharing site - The Hunger Games Explorer, has launched a new contest for fans to compete in. By using your accounts on various social networking sites, you can earn badges and sparks to win some awesome and exciting prizes.

Rack up the Sparks! 
Earn 10,000 sparks by 8/31 and you will be eligible to win one of 75 exclusive NEW Mockingjay Pins! Continue liking, sharing and creating to earn sparks. 
District Mandate from the Capitol: 
Tweet to #CelebrateYourVictors and earn a Quarter Quell badge. The Capitol will reward the most vigilant district citizens with a Limited Edition #QuarterQuell poster.
Expires: Thursday, August 1, 12:00am PDT
UPDATE: The Ultimate Fan Challenge on The Hunger Games Explorer is open to United States residents only. See the competition rules here for more info.

 Head over to The Hunger Games Explorer and let the Hunger Games begin!


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