September 11, 2013

NEWS: Catrett Locke Casting seeking 'Severely Thin' extras for 'Mockingjay'

Catrett Locke Casting (CL Casting), the agency that handled the casting for extras in Catching Fire in Atlanta, announced a call for 'severely thin' extras for their Untitled Trilogy 2 Part project. We're assuming that it's for Mockingjay due to the high security on set and the specific looks that they require.
We are seeking men and women that are extremely thin. We need all ages, ethnicities and looks. Character faces and more….

Please put your ethnicity/gender/age in the subject box. Please have pictures that show the thin body type you have. The better the pictures the better your chances. This is where minimal make-up is wanted but the best is NO make-up at all. These people would not have the make-up piled on. We are really trying to sell this less fortunate look. Please at this time we are only need 18 and up. We will post for children soon.
 If you fit the description and would like to be an extra, click HERE for more details on how you can submit your information.

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