September 11, 2013

PHOTOS: Josh Hutcherson & Woody Harrelson included in Esquire's Life of Man Gallery

In celebration of their 80th Anniversary, Esquire created a portrait gallery entitled Life of a Man featuring photos of 80 men born in each year of Esquire History which includes both Josh Hutcherson (1992) and Woody Harrelson (1961). Not too long ago, Esquire released a video of Josh Hutcherson as well.

Josh Hutcherson
Born 1992
Actor, The Hunger Games
Best advice he’s gotten: “It came through somebody else from Tom Hanks: ‘Fame doesn’t change you; it just magnifies whoever you are.’ And through my many years of experience, I have definitely seen that. Great people become even more great; people who are bad become even worse.”
Most looking forward to: “Having a family.”

Woody Harrelson
Born 1961
Proudest accomplishment: “Without question, my kids. Not that I worked that hard in the early stages—a couple of grunts and a nap. I should have never said that. Oh, fuck. Yeah. My kids.”
Best day so far: “The day I met my wife Laura, which was on the set of Cheers. This media workshop from UCLA came by, and she was a part of it. This was the one time in eight years that we went and talked to them–Teddy [Danson] first, and then I talked a little while. I asked if anybody had secretarial skills, and she raised her hand. Before you knew it we were having a long talk, and she became my assistant. And after three years of that I gave her a raise.”

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