October 31, 2013

NEWS: 'Catching Fire' Movie Tracking to make November Opening Record of $140 to $150 Million

Last year, The Hunger Games set the box office record for highest opening for March at $152 million weekend gross. This year, according to Deadline, Catching Fire is tracking to set a record for November as well at approximately $140 to $150 Million. 
Lionsgate’s Catching Fire three weeks out is currently looking to open with $140M to $150M in North American weekend gross. That should target the first installment’s opening of $152.5M and beat the recordholder for November, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, at $142.8M. Three weeks out,Catching Fire has 11% unaided awareness, the same as New Moon. However, Catching Fire‘s first choice at 27% is 10 points ahead of where New Moon was three weeks out. “Which we hope suggests upside in a crowded November marketplace with Thor and Frozen,” an insider tells me.
Analysts on the other hand, are predicting that Catching Fire will make more than $900 Million worldwide.

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