October 31, 2013

OFFICIAL: 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Official Score Tracklisting

The official score tracklisting for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire composed by James Newton Howard has been revealed. There were rumors early in September that Coldplay collaborated with James Newton Howard to compose a track called, We're a Team and this reported tracklist confirms it. The score itself will be available for purchase on November 25, 2013.
Here is the complete score tracklisting:
1. Katniss
2. I Had To Do That
3. We Have Visitors
4. Just Friends
5. Mockingjay Grafitti
6. The Tour
7. Daffodil Waltz
8. Waltz in A Op. 39, No. 15
9. Fireworks
10. Anthem
11. Peacekeepers
12. Prim
13. A Quarter Quell
14. Katniss Is Chosen
15. Introducing The Tributes
16. There s Always A Flaw
17. Bow And Arrow
18. We're A Team
19. Let's Start
20. The Games Begin
21. Peeta's Heart Stops
22. Treetops
23. The Fog
24. Monkey Mutts
25. Jabberjays
26. I Need You
27. Broken Wire
28. Arena Crumbles
29. Good Morning Sweetheart

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