February 26, 2013

NEWS: Capitol Couture relaunches, requires a passcode (UPDATED)

It looks like, one of Lionsgate's online marketing campaign for The Hunger Games, will be getting a new look. Last week, they revealed 2 new Victory Tour Posters featuring Katniss & Peeta. Today, The official Facebook Page for Capitol PN posted this new image of the Capitol Couture website that has "password required" written on it. Hmmmm...

Interestingly, We've found out that instead of entering a passcode, there is a pattern that you must trace while holding your mouse down. Once you do that, you will see this on the next screen:

This is so intriguing! If you figure something out, please let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter @TheHungerGamers.

UPDATE: It looks like we'll be getting a Catching Fire surprise (not anymore) on Monday! "Always Elegant. Always Prompt. Join us on March 4 #LadiesFirst" This message can now also be seen on after unlocking the site! We wonder what it will be. Perhaps, a new image of Effie in Catching Fire (hint: #ladiesfirst)? Hmmm....Thanks to our reader Melanie for the heads up!


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